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January 27, 2012


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Great post. Watson is incredible.

Watson is amazing but i'm not a big fan of IBM, thanks for the information.

What a great blog on Watson Technology of IBM and its seems that computing power of this technology is beyond words. Fabulous technology but sorry i am using Apple.

Wao its really a informative blog, thanks for sharing such a nice information, its help us specially to me.

It's good to see this information in your post, i was looking the same but there was not any proper resource. But sorry I am an apple fan too.

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Your information is very great and wonderful for all. I was looking the same but I was not proper the resource of it. I impressed and I really like your blog. Thanks for sharing me.

Great post. thanks for the information. Fabulous technology... Awesome ..I really like your blog. I impressed,,, Thank you for sharing!

This is my first time i visit here. I found interesting things to many in your blog, mostly to the debate. Of the tons of comments on your articles, I’m not the only one who has all the fun here! Keep up the good work.

I love your blog! You will be in our prayers and thoughts! Nice and informative post on this topic thanks for sharing with us. Thank you!

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Good sharing.

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