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May 04, 2010


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Are you familiar with Robert Finkelstein's Intelligent Vehicle Technology Transfer? I was hoping that your article would be more along those lines: using unmanned intelligent vehicles for civilian and commercial transport.


It's going to happen. When is the question.


Frank Tobe
The Robot Report - tracking the business of robotics

So true... i hope somebody in authority stumbles on your blog and realizes all your suggestions here. Thanks for a well thought out post.

It's going to happen. When is the question.

What an intelligent suggestion to keep in mind.

We need to be disciplined enough first before we could achieve that open traffic system access. If today's traffic system is not strictly followed, the open traffic system will just create an apocalypse of collision not only in major cities like Dallas but also in other areas. I think before we step into something that huge, we should master first what we have now to avoid extreme repairs later.

Great suggestions. thanks for sharing this great post.

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