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February 18, 2010


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I am honored to have been considered for your list, much less to have topped it.

Thank you.

John Moore

@JohnFMoore Thanks for visiting. And yes, you did came out on top in my ranking methodology. We need more CIOs and IT Leaders like yourself blogging and tweeting about important issues in technology.

Interesting list Bill and nice inclusion of blogs.

For more CIO's on Twitter check out the CIO Twitter Dashboard:



Thanks for stopping by Chris. Yes, you have done fantastic work with the CIO Twitter Dashboard ( http://www.ciodashboard.com/cio-twitter-dashboard/ )

Thanks Bill-- wish there were more public sector CIOs on here! :)


@Andrew... I agree. I was surprised to see Government and Healthcare on the list so much.

I'd like to see more Manufacturing, Distribution/Retail, and Financial Services CIOs blogging and tweeting.

I am claiming the first CIO blog. I started my current blog, candidcio.com, in June 2003. Can anyone top that?

Also, if you are interested in following the members of this list use this TweepML listing:



@John...leave it to you, #1, to pull that together and post it already. :-) Great effort...and thanks!

Interesting analysis. Thanks for including me.

Bill: Thanks for putting in all the hard work. I'm honored to be included. Thank you.

@Mike... glad to include you here. Your Blog at http://mikeschaffner.typepad.com shows you are participating in the social conversations of interest to IT leaders.

@Mark...It was a bit of hard work, but now that it is done it will be easy to updated it the next time. I'll be doing that again about the middle of the year. Keep up the blogging at Social Media and Business Insights!!! http://markasilver.wordpress.com/


Thank you for the honor of considering me and placing me on your list. I will endeavor to keep Tweeting and Blogging items of interest

Best Regards,
Jim Haughwout


Thanks for the recognition Bill, this is a great blog entry.

You can see my twitter which was missed @stephengillett as well.

CIO, Starbucks
GM, Digital

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