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April 06, 2009


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This article mentions some things that it misses. Another, major, thing it misses is simultaneous co-presence. It does hit this issue with a glancing blow when it mentions chat rooms and messaging, but it doesn't mention virtual worlds, the technology with the potential to be "hyper-social". The power of serendipity -- the ability to literally run into a colleague as in a hallway or cafeteria chance encounter cannot be over-stated. Keep a Second Life window open, hang out in a well-traveled corporate site, and see what happens!

Good point Doug. Social platforms of the future will need to incorporate both simultaneous co-presence and virtual world features.
I want to know who else is using these platforms at the same time as I am. It's kind of like 'in the old days' when you got up from your desk, walked down the hall to the 'water cooler' and hung out with who ever was having a discussion at the time.

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